Monthly Archives: November 2013

Making it Personal

In retrospect, one of the moments that changed my life forever was meeting a homeless man in NYC named Hugh Souther.  Even fourteen years later I remember the night with relative clarity, and I remember with certainty his full name. I was in college participating in a program called “Midnight Run” that took students from […]

Enjoy the Little Things in Life, For Someday You Will Realize They Were the Big Things

Like most non-profit professionals, my “to-do” list is goes on for miles. Every day I think I’ll be able to catch up, some thing or someone always swoops in and adds a few more yards so I have yet to reach the finish line. To add one more thing, many patrons like to stop in […]

Ron Remembers Smoking His First Cigarette When He Was Six Years Old

The staff at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) has been meaning to set up a blog for some time now. Because we have the privilege of being at the soup kitchen every day, we are able to witness things that not everyone gets to see. Sometimes the world that our soup kitchen patrons live […]