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Lots of Disease and Health Issues by Darrell Blake

The following three essays were written by students in our Adult Education Program. Under the theme of food, students were asked to write about a memory of food, health issues associated with food, issues with access to food, or the role that food plays in an individual’s life.    In our community of Trenton, New Jersey, there are many […]

Food by Elaine Lambert

Food is something that we all need to keep our bodies well nourished, healthy, and strong. It is an essential part of our daily lives. Without it, our lives would be at risk. I have always loved to eat, but sometimes I make unhealthy choices in my selection of foods. For example at times I […]

My Memory of Food by Igee M. Reed

My favorite memory of food when growing up was when my mom and dad would cook for me. During my childhood, my parents were on food stamps but they were able to manage and to provide for my brother and me very well. Both of my parents were great cooks and we couldn’t wait for […]

photo of Pervis Upshur

Pervis’ Advice: Never Give Up

At the Soup Kitchen I feel like a lot of people have opportunities to join in and take part in things that go on at TASK or in the kitchen or at art events. Everyone had to be wanted to accomplish or work on what the goals they have to achieve in life. Some of […]