“All people in prison are bad!”

This entry was written by Christopher Wayda, a student in the Adult Education Program, on the topic of “something that you once thought to be true, but your opinion changed.”

“All people in prison are bad!”

By Christopher Wayda

I once thought that all people in prison were bad people. Due to the fact that I have experienced prison myself, my opinion has changed. My perspective of a prison setting involved people getting into fights, people doing drugs, and just a place that is uncontrollable. I felt this was from watching TV and reading the newspapers. I once thought all of this was true, but nowI have changed the way I look at the population of prisoners. I know for a fact that there are good people, humble ones, and some of that are the most respectful people you could ever meet. The reason that I know all of this is because I am one of them now!

Sometimes people are quick to judge one another, by their appearance or by the mistakes they have made in the past. But I now believe that people can and do get rehabilitated when their personal beliefs and lifestyles change. Therefore, my opinion that all people in prison are bad people, has changed and I now view, “All people the same!”

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