A festive October night culminated in what eight Adult Education Program graduates and one ServSafe graduate at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen had worked so hard to achieve: they were conferred their high school diploma/professional certificate. As part of the Oct. 21 ceremony, keynote speaker Hal English, Grand Bank Vice President and Regional Manager and an author and Trenton native, hailed the graduates as “winners,” and declared, “I am just so proud to be among you. You inspire me greatly.” Watch the video of his stirring speech:

Featured image

“Special congratulations to our graduates! From left: Taquies Threadgill, Rayon Cauthen, Maruse Heath, Donna Cooper. Back: AEP Assistant Mia Hart, Marcus Rainer, Freeholder Pat Colavita, speaker Hal English, Executive Director Dennis Micai, and AEP Coordinator Kelly Hansen. Graduates not pictured: Thurayya Austin, Rosanne Daddona, Tammy Thayer and Lance Verdejo.”

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