“I Want to Make Giving Easy”: Teens for TASK Member Launches App to Streamline Donations to TASK and others.

TASK Partners with Dovtail to Simplify the Donation Process

Ben Mathew

          “I want to make giving easy!”          Meet Ben Mathew, Teens for TASK Director of Awareness & CEO/Founder of Dovtail.

In 2014, Teens for TASK was created with the idea to cultivate young activists and educate youth about TASK’s work and the issues of hunger and homelessness. Since their establishment, the student operated program has nearly doubled in size and scope and has quietly collected thousands of donations to help TASK patrons. Now, Ben Mathew, Teens for TASK Director of Awareness is trying to make giving to TASK and others easier than ever.

During the past year, Ben has worked on Dovtail, a platform that is digitizing the donation process by allowing TASK and other organizations to broadcast their immediate in-kind and monetary needs to potential donors. Donations made on the platform are shipped directly to TASK, making the process seamless.

“Now, the next time you want to donate, forget about driving to the store, pulling out your wallet, and driving to TASK. You can simply open Dovtail, tap on a need, and complete your order” exclaimed Ben. “Digitization has drastically transformed our shopping, entertainment, and social experiences. I am excited for it to do the same wonders for the donation process and have a substantial impact on TASK.”

TASK is one of a handful of organizations who have enrolled in the initiative. For more information or to download Dovtail, visit www.dovtail.org. Please send questions to ben@dovtail.org.



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