TASK Expands Its Meal Service Program to Serve Ewing Residents

In November, TASK partnered with Christ Temple Ministries to open its first meal service location in Ewing. The Ewing location is part of a 14-team partnership that provides meals to the suburbs of Trenton. Since Fall, the church has already served nearly 1,000 meals with plans to serve more.

“Part of the vision of the church is to serve the community,” said Assistant Pastor Reverend Regina Gainer who serves the congregation with her husband Senior Pastor Reverend Dr. Nathan Gainer.  “We found out about the soup kitchen through word of mouth, and it has worked out well for us. People are enjoying the food; more are coming.”

“Whenever we hear there is a ‘need for food’ — as long as we have the resources, we try to help”, explains Paul Jensen, Manager of Food Services.  “Much of TASK’s success relies on community partnerships and we’re happy to find another great partner in Ewing.”


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