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FEED THE COOKS: TASK Board Trustee Helps Give Kitchen Staff A Reprieve During Pandemic

Tracey Destribats has been on the TASK Board of Trustees for so long that after the 25-year mark, she stopped counting. So, it’s no surprise that during a recent conversation with a friend about doing good deeds for local front-line heroes working through COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, the soup kitchen staff came to mind. On March […]

“All it Takes is One Step”

Local Teenager Raises Nearly $1600 To Feed Hungry Families in Trenton For the first time in recent history, there is one sentiment people across the globe all have in common – uncertainty. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the world’s most urgent global health emergencies right now, even the most surefooted public health professionals are […]

“We Just Put Our Heads Down and Get to Work”

A Q&A with Paul Jensen, Kitchen and Facilities Manager Earlier this month TASK closed its dining room to help stem the spread of COVID-19 here in New Jersey, but that has not stopped us from carrying out our mission to provide meals to anyone who comes to our door – no questions asked. Since March […]

Finding Inspiration

“This is not just some esoteric exercise, we are trying to help people.” – Mia Hart, Adult Education Program Coordinator Not everyone is comfortable sharing their life story in front of a roomful of people. So it’s understandable that there were a few jitters as TASK adult education students stood in front of their peers […]

Mendez and Johnson Bid TASK Farewell

In January, we said farewell to Mike Mendez and Ms. Ammer Johnson, two of TASK’s longest serving employees. With nearly 50 years of collective experience serving our patrons, the dynamic duo who helped usher new volunteers and deliver healthy meals, have hung up their aprons to retire. Mendez has been with TASK since its humble […]

Food Transforms Lives

In 2020, TASK will launch Emilio’s Culinary Academy, a job training program that will prepare and connect patrons to opportunities in the food and beverage business. Named after the late Emilio Papa, a TASK board trustee and long-time volunteer and advocate for improving the quality of life through food,  the academy will provide hands-on culinary […]

TASK Lays a Path Toward Self-Sufficiency

“If you don’t give up on that better life for yourself and have patience – TASK is number one to help you if you are willing.”–TASK Patron Fletcher Turner on working toward self-sufficiency. As a kid, Fletcher Turner wanted to be an archaeologist. Unfortunately, a tumultuous start in life took him far from that dream. […]

Helping Where We Can- TASK Joins Effort to Feed Hundreds During Pandemic

TASK joins effort to feed hundreds during pandemic