Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora Visits TASK to Present New Hunger Action Day Proclamation

Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora presented TASK Executive Director Joyce E. Campbell with an official Proclamation from the City of Trenton, marking the second Thursday in September as Hunger Action Day in the city.

For the second consecutive year, Gusciora joined the TASK in recognizing the day earmarked for hunger awareness. Hunger Action Day is part of Hunger Action Month, a national campaign carried out in towns and cities across the nation. Created by Feeding America, the largest U.S.-based hunger-relief, advocacy and education organization, Hunger Action Month is dedicated to encouraging everyone to effectively implement ways to alleviate and eventually end hunger and food insecurity. As the city’s only week-day soup kitchen, TASK works year-round to boost awareness about this nation-wide dilemma affecting nearly 40,000 Mercer County residents of which 10,000 are children. In September, however, the soup kitchen takes additional steps to spread the word and encourage people to affect change in their own communities.

“TASK advocates for anyone experiencing hunger and food insecurity,” said TASK Executive Director Joyce E. Campbell. “This year, however,  with the many conversations on racial and economic injustice and coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, Hunger Action Month can put a spotlight on the challenges felt right here in our own backyard. Everyone is feeling the crunch of these times, but we can’t deny that disadvantaged communities have been the hardest hit.” 

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