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EXTRA EXTRA: TASK’s Spring Newsletter

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It’s Never Too Early To Start Making A Difference.

At the age of six, most children look forward to getting new toys, playing with friends, and going to the neighborhood playground. But Sandro was different. By first grade, he was figuring out ways to serve his community. One night, while watching the local news on television with his dad, Sandro learned many people in […]

My Life As A Student

In TASK’s Adult Education Program, students have the opportunity to strengthen reading, writing and public speaking skills through TASK’s weekly creative writing class.  During a recent session, one patron wrote a heartwarming story about her experience as a student.  Congratulations Kathy and thank you for letting us share your story! My Life As A Student […]

“I Want to Make Giving Easy”: Teens for TASK Member Launches App to Streamline Donations to TASK and others.

TASK Partners with Dovtail to Simplify the Donation Process In 2014, Teens for TASK was created with the idea to cultivate young activists and educate youth about TASK’s work and the issues of hunger and homelessness. Since their establishment, the student operated program has nearly doubled in size and scope and has quietly collected thousands […]

Timeline: A day in the TASK kitchen

Cooking up magic in the TASK kitchen 6:15 a.m. Bruce is already sitting on a crate outside the side door at TASK in the crisp morning air, alone, reading a newspaper. A bright blue morning sky is kissed by wispy clouds. It’s going to be a very hot and humid day. He greets the “cat […]

Casting Stones.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” -Mother Teresa I started volunteering at TASK because I have always believed that even small acts of kindness can make a big difference in the lives of patrons. I wanted to help people who needed it most, […]

For Antoine’s Future, the Sky’s the Limit

Antoine Dennis is flying high: He’s going to college.  “I never thought I would have a high school diploma. Now I got the diploma, I enrolled in college and I know I can do anything, as long as I think right and stay positive and focused,” he declared one recent sweltering summer’s day. “I look […]