A festive October night culminated in what eight Adult Education Program graduates and one ServSafe graduate at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen had worked so hard to achieve: they were conferred their high school diploma/professional certificate. As part of the Oct. 21 ceremony, keynote speaker Hal English, Grand Bank Vice President and Regional Manager and […]

On Wednesday, June 24th, we went on a trip to the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City. The bus left TASK at around 6 p.m. It was a private charter bus with a DVD player and comfortable seats. It had reclining seats that were so comfortable I fell asleep and woke up when we arrived. […]

By Gregory Parker I became homeless at the age of 16, because by then I was addicted to drugs and that lead to a problem of stealing. At the age of 16, my mom, after realizing I was addicted to drugs and she could no longer handle me, finally kicked me out of the house. […]

This essay was written by Michelle Miller, a student in TASK’s Adult Education Program and a performing artist with The Share Project. My name is Michelle Miller. I’ve been living in Trenton for about 40 years. My life has changed a lot since I moved here from Camden in 1983. My life in Camden was […]

This poem was written by James Rogers, a student in our Adult Education Program and a member of the SHARE project. Life I can’t remember much as an infant. But time when by like in an instant. Going to school, I got good grades. But somehow dropping out is the mistake I made. Playing hooky […]

This entry was written by Ron Walton, a student in the Adult Education Program who earned his GED last year.    Growing up in Trenton and seeing first hand what the streets can do to you has shown me a way of life I’ve become accustomed to living, but after changing my life direction and […]

This entry was written by Christopher Wayda, a student in the Adult Education Program, on the topic of “something that you once thought to be true, but your opinion changed.” “All people in prison are bad!” By Christopher Wayda I once thought that all people in prison were bad people. Due to the fact that […]